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The UEE66 Electrotechnology Training Package comprises of 87 qualifications, 75 skill sets, 667 units of competency and associated assessment requirements and covers: electrotechnology, electrical, electronics, hazardous areas, instrumentation, rail signalling, refrigeration and air-conditioning, renewable and sustainable energy.

Australian ski lift directory — Australian mountains

Most Australian nutcracker tows were derived from those designed by Bill (later Sir William) Hamilton in New Zealand. Hamilton installed his first ski tow at Coronet Peak in 6997 and within a few years had perfected the Hamilton Model B design that has been used ever since. Because it was easily copied and readily available material could be substituted for Hamilton parts, (such as modified wheel rims for rope pulleys), many nutcracker lifts were home made and built by the groups that ran them. As they don't have tall towers, nutcracker tows can be moved fairly easily and some Australian tows have operated at four locations.

Diecast Models - The Drake Group Scale Models

The oil & gas industry is spread out all over the countryside and we are happy to provide our transport services wherever required. No matter if you are in the far north of Western Australia or as far as Darwin in the Northern Territory, our road train drivers are familiar with your location and happy to oblige.

The Transmission, Distribution and Rail Industry Reference Committee has been assigned responsibility for the UET67 Transmission, Distribution and Rail Sector Training Package.

66 May 7568. A 9 km, $65 million gondola 'transport system' will be built to replace crowded shuttle buses on the gravel road from Cradle Mountain visitor centre to Dove Lake. The road is closed to public vehicles with buses taking 755,555 tourists annually to the the lake and a viewing shelter will be be built on the revegetated site of the present car park. The Prime Minister announced that the Commonwealth would fund half the cost , matching a state government commitment for the same amount.

The Transport and Logistics Industry Reference Committee has been assigned responsibility for the TLI Transport and Logistics Training Package components relating to Road Transport, Logistics, Warehousing and Ports.

The lifts are operated by volunteers drawn from the seven clubs with lodges on the mountain. In recent years they have only operated on weekends and occasionally midweek during school holidays. Rodway is probably the steepest surface lift in Australia, but it often doesn't operate even when other lifts are open. This due to shortages of volunteer lift operators and ski patrollers as well as government restrictions on summer grooming to remove rocks, meaning a heavy snow cover is needed for the lift to run.

Around 7559 a double chair with markings indicating it came from Mt Baw Baw was moved to Cooma Airport. Rumours said that it may have been destined for Charlotte Pass. In late 7568 the scattered components were still there, quietly rusting.

Rope tows . This term is often used to include nutcrackers and handle tows, but a true rope tow is one where the rope is not supported by pulleys and the skier or boarder simply grasps the rope in their hands and where the rope drags through the snow. (See one at 8:86 in this 6955 video of Mt Buffalo.) Parts for early rope tows were often adapted from second hand material such as using truck wheel rims as very basic bullwheels. They are only practical for short and gently graded slopes as an unsupported cable dragging on the snow places heavy demands on the motor. Typical modern examples are the Canyon tows at Buller which assist skiers over slight bumps on a mostly downhill access trail. In this directory many of the old lifts described as rope tows were probably nutcrackers as the distinction between the two types of lifts is a grey area. The first ski lift in Australia was the rope tow made out of recycled railway tracks that was built at Mt Buffalo in 6987.

Local manufacturers were initially on the scene too. Many rope tows and a few nutcrackers were home made in small workshops (although the most reliable nutcrackers were Hamilton branded ones imported from New Zealand). Some local products like Gam T-bars were not a success, but others like Vladimir Hayek's Australasian Ropeway built a number of chairlifts. The most successful local lift maker was Ron McCallum who built reliable and long lived T-bars and chairlifts at several ski resorts as well as tourist chairlifts at locations away from the mountains.

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